How to create a flyer that can not be thrown in the trash?

And it turns out that we are trying to attract the attention of the PC using leaflets, in turn, causes a negative, anger and desire to PC rather get rid of it. And in the end we come up against a very interesting contradiction: We need a flyer and at the same time we do not need a leaflet.

What does this mean? This means that the leaflets in the form in which they are printed and distributed now PC will not work. A few years ago a client was a novelty to get on the street with a piece of printed information about you, but now this method is not used anymore.

So, what properties should have a flyer to your potential customer just did not want to send it in the trash? Let’s say that we are going to make a campaign named.

1. The leaflet should be useful.

2. Leaflet should involve your PC into a dialogue, or to be interactive.

3. Discard the rectangular leaflets. Leaflet is quite possible to draw a triangle or a circle. And ideally leaflet may be selling your product. For example, if you sell pizza, nothing prevents to make your flyer circular shape in the form of pizza.

Consider these requirements on a concrete example. Imagine that you are the owner of a gift shop. What leaflet can you offer to a person to interest him?

For example, you can put on the flyer holiday calendar, which is traditionally celebrated in the year. It implements the first property leaflets – utility.

Furthermore, in this calendar to leave a few blank graph for the person to add some important for him feasts – his birthday, wedding anniversary, anniversary mistress and so on. So implemented the second property “right” leaflets – interactivity, allowing the client to enter important dates in his life in your flyer, this involves him in a dialogue.

Well, with the form of leaflets can resemble a postcard or a lady’s handbag, if you rely on the target audience – women. For men can be done in the form of a machine or men’s shoes. Here you are only limited by your imagination.

And, of course, write an attractive text of the store. For example, “Gift Shop – the celebration of life”

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